Medical Supplies

Find the Medical Supplies You Need

Find the Medical Supplies You Need

Ask us about our medical supply sales based in Palmyra, serving the Waterville and Bangor areas and beyond

Are you looking for a medical supply sales company that sells specialty equipment?

Care Services Co. is proudly one of the very few providers who accepts insurance for compression garments.

Count on CARE Services Co. based in Palmyra, serving the Waterville and Bangor areas and beyond. Our medical supply sales include a wide variety of home medical supplies.

What do we sell?

We provide many common supplies for your health and comfort. We offer:

  • Stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs and oximeters
  • Wheelchair, walker, cane and crutch accessories
  • Bath and shower tools
  • Reaching tools
  • Compression garments
  • Breast pumps


Contact us to ask about the specific home medical supplies you need. You can call 207-368-4822 or use our Contact Us page to email us. We also sell specialty products, such as Obi, a robotic feeding device that helps people eat independently.


Looking for incontinence and urological supplies?

CARE Services Co. offers many excellent products for those with incontinence or related issues. You can choose from our briefs, pull-ups, underpads and liners. For catheter use, you can select from our catheters, leg bags and insertion kits. Consult a member of our team to learn more about our specialty products.